Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ron's life as I know it

well, this thefirst post ever for me. I am  63  l love Jesus , God the father, and the Holy Spirit. i have been a mmusician since 1961 starting with a harmony acoustic guitar and learned how to play by met at the johnny and the hurricaines concert listening to the "VENTURES"band. at 15, i started playing in a band called Doug and the Inntruders. we played around kansas, oklahoma and texas and were managed by dougs mom,millie terbush i think. while in that band i met greg dunn.a really great drummer . pretty much blind as he had coke bottle eye glasses. we played in the inntruders for two years aand cut our only single called "what's up". when while in my freshman drivers school i met cliff majors. we soon became fast friends and darrel osburn, wayne avery and neal mcgaw formed a band which we called "the outcasts". we started playing on the 3rd floor of the old y w c a building which was called the ATTIC . good name for it. i must say we were quite popular with the teens of the 60s. we ended up at the battlee of the bands at kiddieland skating rink with the band known as the prophets. a riot insued  with the fans of the two groups and after that, no more battle of the bands. we hooked up with dwayne zambo who was sponserer by phil uhlic music where i spent many thousands of dollars through the years(48).and zambo booked us on a tour sponserer by K L E O radio station. rick meyers was the dj who sent us off to nebraska in my dads 54 mercury station wagon with a u-haul trailer attached with the words"HERE come the OUTCASTS". and away wee went on our first ever tour!

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